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"Jenni has been an invaluable asset for Delmarva Public Radio. Her contacts in the community, her professionalism, her drive, and her energy have served us well over the last 4 years. I turn to Jenni first whenever we are doing a project that requires an outside PR professional. Her writing skills, media knowledge, and ability to work closely with her clients to satisfy their needs is second to none."

"Jenni is committed to this community. Her work with non-profits, both as an individual and as a professional, is inspiring. Jenni has worked with the causes that matter in this community – from cancer support, to education, to our local zoo. When you get Jenni on board, you get all of her. She gets to the heart of the cause, and helps you market it as if it’s her own. That’s special. That’s Jenni."

"Jenni can handle any situation. As a former TV news anchor, her understanding of pressure and deadlines is innate. She knows the importance of telling a story, and telling it right – with passion and conviction. She is versatile, and nothing is beyond her capabilities. If you need to get your message out, Jenni knows how to do it."