Hello! Welcome to the home of SURE Public Relations & Marketing.

In a marketplace where every single customer and prospect is more critical than ever before, you want to make SURE you are reaching out to them as much as possible.

Maybe you stumbled across this site because you just aren't SURE you are marketing to as many potential customers as you can. Well… you've come to the right place!

Believe it or not, now is the best time to promote your business. It is more important than ever to maintain your brand identity and focus on what makes your company/organization stand out. You can't let a tough economy dictate your marketing needs. Playing up what makes your business special could be the very thing that keeps you competitive and in business.

My name is Jenni Pastusak and I want to know more about your business, products and services. My a la carte approach to public relations and marketing will allow your business to pick and choose a specific focus when it comes to promoting your product or service. I like to compare it to ordering from a restaurant's a la carte menu. You see the value in what you are paying for because you know exactly what you are going to get.

So do you want the appetizer size or a combination platter? You decide… I deliver.